Brenda Matthews

Brenda Matthews

Brenda Matthews My track career began in 2000, when my new friend Kathy Bergen told me about a track meet in Eugene Oregon. At the time I thought I was going to a local meet, not realizing I was at Nationals. I returned home with one gold medal, silver medals and one bronze medal. I was hooked.

My next competition was the Senior Olympics in New Orleans Louisiana. I was fortunate enough to win 2 silver medals in the 100 meters and 200 meters and 1 bronze medal in the long jump. I lost to the amazing Phil Raschker, was hooked, and have been competing ever since.

I Joined the Southern California Striders in 2003 and served as President for 9 years and the SC Striders meet director for 14 years.

The next 17 years I have had some its difficulties. The usual ailments pull muscles and torn meniscus, aching joints, but I am having too much fun to give it up.

I have competed in four World Masters Associations competition winning a total of 3 Gold medals, 2 silver medals, 5 bronze medals.

I have earned 62 national championships titles, 5 national senior games titles, 15 Huntsman World Titles and 3 Huntsman World records. In 2015 I was honored to be named Female Athlete of The Year in the 60- 69 age category, as well as being National Senior Games Athlete Spotlight.

Being a sprinter by nature (I hate the 200 meters) which lead me to try my hand at the short hurdles. I am a work in progress.

Competing also have health benefits. I was diagnosed with type II diabetes 3 years ago. However, because I am so active working out 4 to 5 days a week and controlling my diet, I take minimal medication.

Through International Sports Science Association, I am a licensed strength and conditioning coach, as well as a sports fitness specialist. I am a USATF Level 2 coach. This is my way of giving back to the sport. I coach sprints, hurdles, and relays at a local high school. I am proud to say two of my hurdlers and the 4 X100 relay made it to the CIF finals.

My plan is to keep competing until, I cannot run anymore, or it is no longer fun.

68 years of Track & Field excellence!

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